Work(outs) From Home

Fighting the Covid-15

While things in Japan have been better than a lot of places in the world (the continual disaster that is the US of A), it’s easy to let the pounds creep on. I’ve personally settled on the goal of maintaining my health by improving my diet and adding new workouts from my office.

As a notoriously inflexible guy with a type-A non-stop type of personality, yoga has always been an aspiration and a challenge. Luckily I stumbled upon a couple of great resources that helped me ease into it from a very basic level. Here’s what I’ve been using so you can try and see if it works for you as well.

1. Man Flow Yoga

A great (and free) introduction to yoga for people with extra tight shoulders, hips, and joints in general. Plus he’s got a great old dog that’s always sleeping in the background.

2. Yoga Studio App

If you want a more comprehensive yoga training solution you can also try a dedicated app like Yoga Studio. I have been using it for a long time so I have a basic selection of classes, but they also offer a subscription plan for people wanting a deeper dive.

3. Waking up App

Not a yoga app, but mindfulness is another great way to receive some the same benefits of practicing yoga, like keeping your sanity learning healthier breathing techniques. Even the busiest of us has 10 minutes to spare to help get our minds right each day. It’s really simple stuff, but it really works.

However you decide to workout from home, don’t overdo it on the first day and focus on being consistent. The fastest way to get knocked off track is going to hard and hurting yourself before you even get started. 

Baby steps….