For the love of cats

In honor of my winning first prize and also the 反則技 (Hansoku-waza) prize or “cheap-shot technique” from the first annual BRS Summer photofes 2020, I’ve put together a collection of my favorite street cats.

I think I like them so much because they have such unique personalities, and it’s always a surprise when they show up. Especially when they gently battle rare insects.

Cat vs. Mantis

Some are definitely cuter than others, but most like a good scratch. 

First time I saw a cat in Japan without a tail, I thought it’d been in a serious scrap. Then I thought maybe its something the local animal control does to identify cats. Then I decided I should just Google it and learn why. Turns out there is a species of cat that has stubby ass tails.

Who says nubby tails aren’t cute?

Seems like wherever I go, there’s a cat napping.

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This cat didn’t give a damn

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Lastly, remember to be careful when approaching wild cats, because not all are so cute and cuddly…